Maldives Shopping

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As the main island of the country, Male provides shopping for the 80,000 people who live on the island along with the 10s of thousands of tourist which go there every year.

Shops which are not in central Male open around 06:00-07:00 in the morning where as shops in central Male open at 09:00-10:00 in the morning and all close around 23:00 at night.

All shops close during prayer time for 15 minutes.

Situated in the North of the Island you can find gift shops which have wonderful local handmade sculptures, models and other pieces of art. You can also find many books translated into many languages about the Maldives in the area.

Fish Market
The Fish Market is one of the most lively places in Male. The area gets particularly lively during the afternoon when local fishermen arrive with their boats. Maldivian locals purchase fresh fish from the market almost every day as this is their way of life.

Local Market
Known as the Local Market, and situated on the West side of the Bali market, you can find allsorts of local grown fruits and vegatables.

Amongst restaurants which serve all types of food from all over the world, the island has a host of restaurants which serve local cuisines which will get your taste buds bursting. Some of the restaurants are air conditioned while others are in the open air. Also you can find a variety of restaurants which open in the morning for breackfast. All Restaurants shut at 01:00.

Tea Shops
Tea shops as they are commonly known is the most preffered wresting area bu Maldivian locals who drink their tea and relax after a hard days work. You can also taste local food from the Island. Some tea shops open at 5am in the morning but all close at 1am.

Cofee Shops
Cofee shops are the modernised versions of the tea shop and is used more as a fast food service. You can have Noodles and rice which is mostly preffered along with other local food and cofee and tea for a much cheaper price then what you would pay at a restaurant. Cofee shops open from 08:00 to 01:00.


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