Maldives Activities

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Almost all the resorts on the island have an excursion program in which some are scheduled while others are done to suit individual needs.

Island Hopping
Like the name suggests island hopping is a term used for holiday makers going from one island to another in the country. You will be taken to inhabited and uninhabited islands and have the chance to snorkel in the open waters and a barbeque.

Night Fishing
Night fishing is actually very common amongst Maldivians and is seen as a form of entertainment whereby you will fish in the evening and later you can have the chance to have a barbeque with your very own catch.

Photo Flights
Photo flights are usually organized by resorts so that guests can see the beauty of the Maldives by air and take photos. While many resorts have scheduled flights, you have also got the chance of organizing your own custom flight.

Male Excursion
Resorts in Male regularly organize Male Excursions but some resorts in other sections of the country also offer the chance of organized visits to the capital of the country.

Spas at the Maldives are on a level of their own as it combines traditional Asian therapies with European techniques to give you a sensual feeling you would never forget. You can make the most of the blissful tropical beauty and the beautiful lagoons around you, while making the most of a well earned relax.

Sports & Recreation
Most resorts have a variety of sports facilities for guests to enjoy. While volleyball is played in all resorts, most resorts also have tennis, badminton and squash courts along with Gymnasiums (with instructors), pool, billiards, and board games.


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